Coffee is …

… is not a simple brew

Tradition is very important in Vienna. Especially when it comes to coffeehouses and coffee. The Viennese coffeehouse has a very specific atmosphere. It’s a sort of time-travel back to the turn of the century: Thonet chairs, little marble top tables, chandeliers, newspaper holders and of course a wide variety of coffees, apple strudel and croissants. Each coffee will be served on a silver tray with a glass of water. In a Viennese coffeehouse is coffee not a simple brew made of hot water and coffee beans – coffee it’s an art! It’s a part of social life to linger in the coffeehouse for hours and hours, even without ordering anything else. No wonder, that a coffeehouse is for some Viennese – especially for authors – the second living room.

Julius Meinl is a Vienna-based coffee roaster since 1862. The logo of the company is a boy with a red fez on his head. The boy is called the “Meinl Mohr” and he is very well known. The first logo – the head of a dark skinned boy with a fez – was designed in 1924. The design changed many times but the silhouette of a boy has remained until today. The little figure is a decorative part of the house of the company Julius Meinl in Vienna.