Dove of Peace

Bishop of Nin

This is the statue of Gregory of Nin in Split (Croatia). I was so fascinated by the sheer size (8.5 m) and the more or less impertinent dove, that I forgot to rub the toe of the statue for good luck. On the other hand I will never be the reason for the more and more worn out and shiny left toe of the statue.

Gregory (900-929 Bishop of Nin) was a very polemic priest and strongly opposed the pope. A man with a strong opinion and a lot of courage. He introduced the national language in the religious services. This made Christianity more popular in Croatia. Using the native language instead of Latin was also helpful for the language itself, supported culture and was a political decision in favor of the Croatian kingdom.

The statue was sculpted by Ivan Meštrović. 1929 it was erected in the inside of Diocletian’s Palace. This UNESCO World Heritage Monument is the „birthplace“ of Split in roman times. By the way the impressive palace was used as location for filming the fourth season of Game of Thrones. Today the statue is located in the north of the Diocletian’s Palace just outside the Golden Gate.