Low Light in Prague


Try some Czech beer!

My eyesight is at night poor and I have to watch out not to fall over my own feet in the dark. What everybody calls „low light“ my eyes and brain recognize as „without light“.
Main problem – my problem: I’m not calm enough, always hectic, excited and with waving hands on the move. But I have to take pictures every time my husband isn’t available, who is as calm as Mr. Spock. He is the „low light photographer“.

I visited Prague and fate didn’t mean well. So much low light cant’t be healthy at all! Nevertheless I had to deal with it. It was an excursion with colleagues and my husband didn’t join in. So I had to do all the low light photography by myself. Most of the pictures became „exterminated“ by my inner Dalek, but some were not bad at all. Maybe the Czech beer helped to steady my hand. At least it would be the best excuse to drink beer before taking pictures in low light.