Photography Collection

Collecting photos

My best friend Christine and I are collecting old photographs – primarily pictures of women. Pictures like the „Second half of June in 1909„. We do this for several years now. From time to time we are hunting for historic portraits together. Our hunting grounds are flea markets as well as charity and garage sales. Now and then we buy even boxes filled up to the rim with a mix of photographs, postcards and documents. It’s still affordable and so much fun to search through this little pieces of history. Once in a while we are lucky enough to follow up whole families through a couple of generations. We are both archaeologist and it seems we are even in our spare time – in a way – always digging through the past. Meanwhile our collection has grown to several thousand pieces. There are at least one scan of both sides of every photo. Every single scan is done by Christine. I am deep in her debt!

I shot the photo above after we came back from a „picture hunt“ and after the first screening of the „picture prey“. I was balancing on a very wobbly stool in our office when Christine couldn’t resist hunting me – as helpless as I was – with her camera.

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