Vienna – Prater

Prater is a large public park in Vienna’s 2nd district. Since 1560 it was the hunting ground of the royal family. In 1766 Emperor Josef II declared the prater free for public enjoyment.

A small part is the well known amusement park „Wurstelprater“ with the famous „Wiener Riesenrad“ (Ferris wheel). It’s a Viennese tradition for families to visit the Wurstelprater on special occasions: first day at school and first communion.

This is an „old“ photo of my daughter and my father. It was her first day at school and we were of course visiting the Wurstelprater. 28 years earlier I was sitting with my father in exact the same car …

The picture isn’t perfect, actually it isn’t good at all. I’m not used to think about panning, because I need an very calm object with the speed of a snail to do panning. Perfect or not so much perfect – it doesn’t matter, for me is this picture an example the true and pure spirit of Prater.

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