Prince Charming

Bird watching is very common and therefore people ask me, why I don’t do it. It’s because of my poor eyesight not an easy task and I find it relatively boring. I am glad a lot of other people do it. If they shot and share pictures I will be happy enough.

I am doing something different with my spare time and rubber boots. Show me a pond with amphibians in it and I will find always something special to see, observe and explore. I like toads, frogs and newts. Amphibians are very special and lot funnier then birds. It doesn’t matter if it is Prince Green or King Wart! I don’t want them for eating or kissing but as photo models.

This little hunters are like the charming sort of monsters from horror movies. Miss Longleg waits and waits and then – right in the moment you want to give up watching her – she will catch a fly. Her tongue will shoot out of her mouth like a bullet from a gun and she will hardly miss her prey.

Or the little Elvis of the swamp with cheeks like two oversized balloons will start his song to impress the biggest Princess of them all. And then – from one moment to the other – the whole audience will jump high in the air, to dive deep into the pond and hiding themselves under the water lilies. All you can see in this few seconds are muscular legs and gigantic flat foots.

I often tried to catch this stealthy or wild actions with my camera and I am always to slow. Since today I only got lucky with short movies. Perhaps next time …

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