The whole bloody and hairy version

Start with most dangerous part first: open the tuna can! When you cut your finger with the can, please clean, disinfect and patch up the wound. Afterwards you should wear rubber gloves, clean the kitchen floor, the table and of course yourself. Meanwhile the tuna from the can rest in a sieve – not „to drink the waters“, but to get rid of the oil or water from the can.

Wash the salad and dry it with a drying tour in the merry-go-round for salads (salad spinner). I prefer corn salad (Varianella, German: Rapunzel). By the way, Rapunzel is this odd fairy tale about a girl with very long hair in a tower. Please, therefore remind yourself to watch out for hidden hairs in the salad.
Cut chives in rings, tomatoes in squares and garlic in lots of different and very small geometrical forms.

Mix it with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, fresh herbs (eg. oregano or rosemary), pepper and salt. In the end add the tuna and let it soak for a half an hour.

Serve the tuna salad garnished with „Rapunzel“ (of course the salad not the girl!). Whole-grain bread would be a tasty addition – by the way the bread will taste a lot better, if you roast it on one side in butter.

Enjoy your meal – forget all about your wounded fingers, the oily tiles and the lingering fishy smell!